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Serious Protection Dogs for Police Work or Home Protection

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We breed high-quality, working German Shepherd K9s with full Czech bloodlines.  Our puppies are the offspring of hand-selected Czech "border patrol" German Shepherds that we imported directly from Jiri Novotny, internationally-known breeder of these dogs. Our dogs' pedigrees are full of true working and protection dogs from the world-famous Pohranici Straze Kennel.

German Shepherds with these Czech bloodlines are typically brave, loyal, structurally and temperamentally sound. They are strong working dogs with the necessary hardness and courage required for patrol work.  They also excel equally at being faithful, fun, loyal family members who can bravely protecting your family with real protection.  Czech bloodline German Shepherds are bred for working abilities and drives, great health, solid temperaments, and intelligence. These characteristics make the dogs incredibly well-suited for patrol work, narcotics detection, search-and-rescue, service work, and personal / home protection.  They can also be used for sport, such as PSA or Schutzhund competitions.

Our puppies are by Czech Import, Dantes z Alfovy zahrady (Certified Personal Protection Dog Southern Police K9 Association). Dantes is by Frankie Anrebri, International Champion (SCHH3, IPO3, ZPS1, FH1, FPR1, ZVV1), the producer of an incredible number of famous offspring. Dantes' dam is Bina z Pohranicni Straze ZVVI and was one of the last dogs bred by the famous Pohranici Straze kennel. Both Frankie Anrebri and Bina have pedigrees full of true working dogs. You can read more about Dantes on his page. 

Stud Dog: Dantes z Alfovy zahrady


Dantes' progeny are currently working or being prepared for the following jobs:

  • Police K-9 (Apprehension, Narcotics Detection, Tracking, Article Searches)
  • Personal/Family Protection
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Service (Seizure Detection)
  • Schutzhund Competitions
  • Protection Sports Association (PSA) Competitions

Female: Dara od Policie Ceske Republiky


Dara od Policie Ceske Republiky, (elbows/hips: 0/0, titled: ZVV1 (86/96/94), BH (59), showed: velmi dobra(SG), surveyed: 1st class selective breed 5X1/P., DNA reg). About Dara, Jiri Novotny states, "Dara is medium large strong female with very nice body conformation a dark pigmentation. Dara is a outgoing female with great social behavior. At the same time when it's needed she is an uncompromising protection dog. Dara has also great ball drive. In her pedigree she carries blood of famous dog JAVIR v. Talka Marda and also old Czech blood." You can read more about Dara and view videos of her working on her page. 

See the Puppies for Sale page for details and reservation information; we also update our Facebook page (K9 Obranci Kennel) regularly with news about upcoming litters and young dogs in training. 

We are located near Knoxville, Tennessee (within a day's drive of 70% of the US Population).

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